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November 22, 2016

HOLLA ON THE GO: Followed &…

I was taking my usual seven-minute walk to school today. When I was close to campus, I saw a man turn a corner. He was shouting random nonsense at seemingly thin air. Everybody outside in ear shot was looking at him like "What the hell, dude?" He must have seen me looking, because he crossed the street and started to walk behind me. He started to yell "You looking at…
La Villita
September 24, 2015

Harassed at First Friday

  My sister was enjoying first friday . It was crowded and dark. A man grabbed her bottom , squeezed and ran away before she could react. She was messed up for weeks  
Northwest Side
September 24, 2015

Taking it too far. Being followed…

A friend of mine also experienced the two creepers who would follow girls just to creep them out. She was at her boyfriends house and left late at night To drive home. Then two men in a car started following her but she thought she was just being paranoid. But she wasnt, she was being followed. She panicked and did what your not supposed to,.. she led them home. When…


street harassment is not only a gender issue

The graffiti on the HSC seal, while it is not the harassment of any one person, makes it necessary to point out again that harassment is not only something that happens to women. In this case it harassment for being a Muslim (or, for that matter, for “looking” or “seeming” “like a Muslim”). Don’t forget … Continued