This was happening too much!

I had visited a friend until midnight and began my drive home. I was at a stop light and teo men in a car deove up beside me. When the light turned green , I noticed they moved directly behind me. I noticed they took the same turn onto the same higway so I decided to test if they were following me by swerving off the highway . They followed me . Finally i stopped in the middle of the street and pulled out my phone to call police. They pulled up beside me i made eye contact and pointed at my phone. They took off when they realized i was not running anymore and they saw i was calling police. I was stupid and decided to follow them for a chance to get their license plate. I chased them down the highway for a little while but then decided to turn aeound when it seemed they were driving too dangerous. This type of thing hapened alot in this area. Pleas share your stories because im certain these same men followed many ladies home at night.