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Harassed at First Friday

  My sister was enjoying first friday . It was crowded and dark. A man grabbed her bottom , squeezed and ran away before she could react. She was messed up for weeks   [got_back]

Taking it too far. Being followed home.

A friend of mine also experienced the two creepers who would follow girls just to creep them out. She was at her boyfriends house and left late at night To drive home. Then two men in a car started following her but she thought she was just being paranoid. But she wasnt, she was being … Continued

This was happening too much!

I had visited a friend until midnight and began my drive home. I was at a stop light and teo men in a car deove up beside me. When the light turned green , I noticed they moved directly behind me. I noticed they took the same turn onto the same higway so I decided … Continued

Pretty Park… But creepers around

I used to live down the road from Lackland Terrace park and decided to use the new track they installed. I hadnt even run one lap when a young highschool boy hiding in the jungle gym with his friends came out and yelled ” hey baby”! I ignored him ,since i had headphones on and … Continued

Public Sidewalks make me nervous

I was at a gas station and accidently locked my keys in my car. I lived nearby and decided to walk home to get the spare keys . As i was walking down the busy street two men in seperate cars wistled at me and yelled “hey!” I ignored them of course but it made … Continued


On the way back home from Walgreen’s one man in a car honked and jeered at me, and another man driving past also wolf whistled at me just moments later. [got_back]

street harassment is not only a gender issue

The graffiti on the HSC seal, while it is not the harassment of any one person, makes it necessary to point out again that harassment is not only something that happens to women. In this case it harassment for being a Muslim (or, for that matter, for “looking” or “seeming” “like a Muslim”). Don’t forget … Continued


this actually happened to my aunt but i am posting it for her. she was outside having a cigarette and a man asked for a light. she let him borrow her lighter and the next day he came back asking for cigarettes. when she didn’t give him any he started lurking around and creeping up … Continued

Yelled at

While sitting outside waiting for a ride home after work, a man came up and sat next to me. I meant to ignore him but he kept talking, and when I told him I was about to leave and couldn’t really chat, it didn’t stop him. He asked for my number and yelled at me … Continued